Still places left to join UKCC Level 2 Judo Coaching Course

BJA Level one coaches in the Southern Area are being invited to join a UKCC level two course taking place at Chichester Ronin Judo Club on 31 May and 1 June and 21 June to 22 June, and these are just one of many similar courses on offer.

This course is being run by Sam Dunkley, BJA Technical Officer and former GB Internationalist and Chris Doherty, BJA Technical Officer.

In order to be a level two coach, you will generally need a level one coaching qualification and therefore have been on a BJA level one course or Instructor Award.

The UKCC Level two judo coaching course will provide candidates with the skills and qualifications to become a head coach at a judo club, as well as open their own club.

The course is structured over two weekends three to four weeks apart with a final assessment date a month or so later.

Once the portfolio is completed and assessment passed, then providing they have valid Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS), SPC and First Aid certificates in place, then they will officially become a BJA level two coach.

This is just one of many courses. For more information on the upcoming courses view  this page.