The British Judo Association will once again be celebrating the fantastic work carried out across the country by recognising our members at the annual British Judo Awards.

What better way to show club volunteers, staff, athletes and members that you value their hard work and dedication than nominating them for a British Judo award?

Nominations for the awards are now open and will close on Friday 9th August 2024 so be quick to avoid missing out.

The Awards Evening will be taking place at the University of Warwick Conference Centre, Cryfield Village, Scarman Road, CV4 7SH on Saturday 2nd November.

An amazing evening, celebrating all that is great in British Judo

The British Judo Awards honour and celebrate the excellence and dedication within the British Judo community, the British Judo Association has established the prestigious British Judo Awards. These awards not only recognise exceptional athletes but also coaches, volunteers and clubs that have contributed significantly to the development, growth and success of judo in the country.

The British Judo Awards

The British Judo Awards were introduced to acknowledge and reward the outstanding contributions of individuals and groups that have made a substantial impact on the sport. Every year, deserving nominees are put forwards for consideration, and the finalists are selected through a meticulous process by British Judo’s Reward and Recognition Panel, where they will be invited to attend the 2023 British Judo Awards, making these awards a true reflection of merit and achievement.

Award Categories

Club of the Year – Judo clubs are essential hubs for training, learning and forming lasting bonds within the judo community. The Club of the Year award celebrates clubs that have demonstrated exceptional development, organisation and a commitment to the values of the sport.

Coach of the Year – Behind every successful judoka, there is often a dedicated and passionate coach. This award recognises the pivotal role coaches play within our clubs, providing guidance and fostering a supportive environment for their athletes to succeed.

Referee of the Year – Referees are responsible for upholding the integrity of our sport and creating an environment where athletes can compete on a level playing field. Their duties go far beyond simply awarding points or penalties; they ensure that matches are conducted in adherence to the rules and principles of judo, fostering an atmosphere of respect and fair play.

Official of the Year – The Official of the Year Judo Award serves as a platform to recognise those officials who have gone above and beyond in their roles, displaying outstanding professionalism and dedication. Whether they are volunteering their time at local events or officiating at prestigious national or international competitions, these individuals contribute significantly to the sport’s growth and development.

Volunteer of the Year – Volunteers are the lifeblood of any sports community. This category acknowledges the selfless individuals who contribute their time, effort and expertise to promote judo at grassroots level, making the sport accessible to a diverse range of participants.

Young Volunteer of the Year – Judo owes much of its vibrancy and growth to the efforts of enthusiastic young volunteers. These young individuals often participate in various capacities, ranging from assisting coaches and organising events to supporting administrative tasks and mentoring younger judoka. Their energy, fresh perspectives, and passion for the sport breathe new life into judo clubs and events, making them more vibrant and inclusive.

The Kano Way Award – Person or group who has contributed greatly to the development of judo in the past year. Or had a large impact on a number of individuals (engagement in judo).

Inclusion Award – The Judo Inclusion Award celebrates the efforts of judo clubs, organisations, coaches, and individuals who champion the cause of inclusivity within the sport. Recipients of this award demonstrate a steadfast commitment to creating a safe and welcoming space where everyone can enjoy the transformative power of judo.

The British Judo Awards hold immense significance within the Judo community, as they not only acknowledge individual achievements but also bring the entire Judo family together. By recognising athletes, coaches, volunteers, and clubs, the awards showcase the collaborative efforts that drive the sport’s growth and popularity across the country.

Furthermore, the British Judo Awards provide the recipients with well-deserved recognition and serve as an inspiration to the next generation of judoka, motivating them to strive for excellence both on and off the mat. The awards ceremony is a grand occasion, bringing together athletes, coaches, officials, and supporters from various corners of the UK to celebrate the spirit of Judo and its values.

Who can nominate someone for a British Judo Award?

Anyone can nominate a British Judo member or an affiliated club for an award and as always we want to actively encourage our members and those closest to them to nominate the individuals who make a difference to their sporting experience.

The British Judo Awards stand as a testament to the dedication and passion exhibited by members of the Judo community in the United Kingdom. By celebrating achievements, fostering camaraderie, and promoting the core principles of Judo, these awards play a vital role in elevating the sport to new heights. As the Judo community eagerly awaits each year’s awards ceremony, it serves as a reminder of the unifying power of sport and the enduring legacy of Judo in the United Kingdom.

Nominations close on Friday 9th August. Finalists will be announced on Monday 2nd September.

Please note that some changes may occur once this year’s nominations have been categorised. The Reward and Recognition Panel base their decisions not on the number of nominations submitted for one individual but on the quality of the nomination submitted.  By the time nominations reach the Panel, all identifying information has been removed. This is to ensure that decisions are made based on the nominations solely and not on people’s knowledge of an individual. 

Tickets for the 2024 British Judo Awards Evening will go on sale shortly.

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