Grading Reviews Open Consultation

British Judo are currently in the process of reviewing all of its Grading Schemes with a view to improving them to better meet the needs of our members. 

Over the last year there have been several grade-specific surveys conducted and so far the response rate has been high with a broad range of opinions being expressed. 

The consultation is now being widened with the British Judo now inviting all individuals to submit their views and suggestions on any or all of the grading schemes currently available. 

Your feedback is important to us as your views and suggestions will be fed into the review process to help shape the future development of the schemes. 

“The grading scheme is a crucial component of the sport and helps us to monitor and improve standards across the country. It’s really important to get feedback from all four corners of the country so we can improve the system for everyone’s benefit”, said British Judo Technical Director Colin McIver. 

Please send your thoughts and suggestions by email to All responses and comments will be treated in the strictest confidence. 

The consultation will close at 5pm on Friday 7th August 2015

British Judo would like to thank in advance all those for taking the time to submit their comments.