Changes to the 2012 British Championships

The 2012 British Championships held in October will use the 2012 age bands (Pre Cadet – 1998-99; Cadet 1996-97; Junior 1993-95). There will also be the addition of the year 2000 to the Pre Cadet section as the British Championships for 10 and 11 will not include this year group in the 2012 event.

In 2013 we will combine the British Championships and British Closed Championships into a single event, to take place in January. The event will be for Pre Cadet, Cadet, Junior and Senior categories and will determine the British Champions for 2013. This will make them British Champion for the full calendar year, rather than three months with the current calendar placement of the event.

The Pre Cadet and Cadet will compete one weekend with Junior and Senior the following weekend. This aligns the event with international age groups rather than age bands, also allowing cadets to fight juniors on the following weekend.

The Pre Cadet, Cadet and Junior will remain as open entries (not by area or qualification, but must still be eligible to represent Britain) and the Senior will remain as qualification entry via ranking list.