Call for new referees to perform at the highest level

The National Referee Commission (NRC) is looking to recruit a talent pool of referees to officiate at the very highest levels and is looking for ex-athletes to be fast tracked into refereeing, a move which has clearly been successful in other countries. These candidates will be fast tracked to level four (BJA-B grade) of the refereeing system at the earliest opportunity and then on to level five (national grade) for those that respond well to training within two years (national levels are one to five).

Those who consistently demonstrate the required skills to progress would have a referee performance program to take them to the IJF level and this will include international competition experience and an assigned referee mentor of suitable IJF standing.

Selection Process

The selection process for the programme may come from one of three main sources:

Direct Application from the candidate, nomination from a credible source or indeed an approach by the NRC.

The guide for applications are athletes with a track record of at least 10 funded selections for GBR and a return of at least two medals at senior European cup or above, other personnel profiles (highly experienced coaches) may also be accepted on to the programme depending on their profile and motivation.

This programme is intended to produce IJF referees of good standing and candidates will be below 35 years old on entry, unless exceptional circumstances apply.

Whatever route a candidate comes through, a detailed interview will be carried out with candidates.


The successful programme candidates will be assigned a specific mentor who will be carefully selected by the NRC and be referees of suitable standing in both refereeing and tutoring skills.


Anyone wishing to consider this route of progression in their judo career should apply in writing to the NRC via Keith Merrick (

Applications should include:

A full CV of their judo career to date specifically identifying national and above medals

A covering letter stating why the candidate wants to enter this programme and why they are suitable

Details of any current refereeing experience and qualified level.

Should anyone wish to discuss this opportunity before applying, contact Keith Merrick directly on: 07887 455587.


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