British Judo Launch New Competition Pathway

British Judo is delighted to announce the launch of a new ‘Competition Pathway’, designed to provide an incremental pathway of appropriate competitions for all levels of competitors.

The new pathway was approved by the BJA Board of Directors on 25th June 2013 following a lengthy consultation process and will be implemented with immediate effect.

For each level of competition there is a specific set of competition rules required. Any organisers who are unable to implement these rules immediately are able to apply for concessions until 1st September 2013. No hybrid rules are acceptable, only either 2012 version or 2013 rule changes.

The Pathway consists of different levels of competition which are grouped under the categories of ‘Development’ and ‘Performance’, with each level of competition designed to cater for players with a specific level of experience. Those with higher aspirations will choose to move through the system while others may reach a level and remain there indefinitely. The pathway levels are as follows:



Level One: Beginner

Level Four: Aspiring Level

Level Two:  Intermediate

Level Five: Performance

Level Three: Experienced



Each competition needs to focus on attracting, and providing a positive experience, for a defined group of players. The level of the event best describes the skill and competitive level of the players that the event is intending to cater for. A competition may have different sections catering for different levels of player.

To find out more details about the new pathway, along with the requirements for events at each level, please view the links below.

Memo: Competition Pathway

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