UPDATE: 2018 International Rule Changes

The IJF has recently published changes to the international contest rules to be effective internationally from January 2018.

Please take the time to read the following IJF announcement regarding the changes – https://www.ijf.org/news/show/detailed-explanation-of-the-ijf-judo-refereeing-rules

At this time, there are no changes to the British Judo Association contest rules.

As with previous years, the Board of Directors will meet to consider how best to implement the new rules within the BJA to meet the needs of our members.

Following a decision by the Board, any changes and their implementation date will be communicated widely to coaches, referees and areas to allow them to prepare.

Athletes and coaches preparing for EJU or IJF level events in 2018 should familiarise themselves with the changes and may wish to watch the IJF seminar which is planned for 13-14 January.