National Events Referee Selections

Further to discussions and approval at board level, the list of events below will have all referees including associated assessors and examiners for refereeing selected by the NRC with immediate effect.

The rationale is to ensure that:

  • Referees across the UK are given better and more transparent opportunities
  • Development referees at all levels gain increased opportunities
  • Assessments and examinations are more productive and facilitate more opportunity
  • Events are staffed at an appropriate referee level in order to provide a quality service

Effective immediately, the selection of referees for the following events shall be made by the NRC in full:

  1. BUCS
  2. National Teams
  3. English Open
  4. National Masters
  5. British Minors Championships

This will be in addition to the current list administered below:

  1. UK School Games
  2. Pre Cadet and Cadet British Championships
  3. Junior and Senior British Championships
  4. British Schools Championships

It is envisaged that this process will result in opportunities for a wider range and more appropriate set of referees than in the previous few years due to being able to control 9 events instead of just 4.

Should anyone have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact Bill Taggart: