Dan Grade Promotions – May 2016

Moving into the Dan grades is a special moment that all judoka will treasure. Whether a lifetime goal or a happy co-incidence of hard work and dedication to the sport of judo, Dan grade promotions deserve to be recognised.

At the end of each month, we will publish the names of all judoka promoted to 1st Dan and above. If you achieve a grade promotion (either Mon, Kyu or Dan) in the next month please send in your grading photos and we will publish them alongside the new gradings next month!

Send in your photos to communications@britishjudo.org.uk or share them with us on our facebook page or on twitter @BritishJudo.


To 1st Dan
 Alhasawi Abdualwahhab  Strathclyde University Judo Club
 Andrew Yeadon  Koizumi Judo Club Darlington
 Benjamin Caldwell  Felixstowe Judo Club
 Carl Maddison  Dominic King Judo & MMA
 Carl Parker  Caerphilly Cougars Judo Club
 Cecile Le Gall  Taunton YMCA Judo Club
 Charlie Warr  Witley Judo Club
 Cherie Simson  Kettering Premier Judo Club
 Christopher Payne  Thomas Deacon Judo Club
 Coire McCrystal  Omagh Judo Club
 Daniel Rabbitt  Dragons Judo Academy
 Eamonn Madden
 Gavin Wood  The Parks Judo Club (Tyne)
 Krzysztof Marianski  Budokwai
 Laura Hewitt
 Lee Cahalane  Walderslade Judo Club
 Lukasz Dobosz  Preston Judo Club
 Neil Garrett  Kangei Judo Club
 Rebecca Coxon  Parks Judo Club
 Susana Perez Escudero  Chichester Ronin
 Victor Guerra Martins  Roehampton University
To 2nd Dan
 Gary Martina  University of Essex Judo Club
 Ian Leroux  Bedford Judo Club
 Stuart Jackman  Swindon Judo Club
To 5rd Dan
 Dean Jordan  61 Judo Club
 Richard Stothard  Surrey Police Judo Club
 William Sargent  United Judo (Bexleyheath)
 Winfield Graham  Moberly Judo Club
To 4th Dan
 Jeremy Robinson  Street Judo Club
 Steven Crowley  Stotfold Junior Judo Club
To 5th Dan
 Mark McCraw  Edinburgh

All Dan grade promotions up to 31st May 2016 are included in the table above.

Congratulations to all promoted judoka!