Coach Validation for Pre-Cadet and Cadet Championships

Important reminders for coaches planning on attending the 2016 Pre-Cadet and Cadet Championships at the EIS in Sheffield on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 December

Please be aware that these are not rule changes. We are ensuring, in light of the increased scrutiny around child safeguarding in sport and by following our policies and guidelines, that coaches and volunteers are being supported to get matside at the 2016 British Championships

– All coaches must ensure their DBS is up to date. There will be staff on the day to support with checks and applications so please bring all forms, certificates and other relevant documents. Those with DBS issues, such as positive information that has not been supplied to us, will not be given accreditation

– Those with out of date First Aid and/or SPC MUST complete the relevant online training before their accreditation will be issued. We are prepared to accept the online training even if they are due face to face training but, in such cases their next training requirement will be face to face.

– Those that are not BJA members will not be given accreditation. If they join and have all the other relevant requirements before the weekend, then they can be given accreditation. As above please bring all forms, certificates and other relevant documents. You can apply online here

– We are happy to listen to any other set of circumstances and will make case to case decisions for those outside of those circumstances

If you would like any information clarified please contact Keith Eldridge, British Judo Safeguarding Manager: or 07788 391520