Changes to the BJA Contest Rules

The Board of Directors at their meeting on 31st May 2016 approved the following changes to the BJA Contest Rules for immediate implementation.

These rules changes will be added to the next update of both the referee and the tournament handbooks.

Shime –waza in Cadet Events

Players competing in cadet age band event who are strangled unconscious, regardless of the period of unconsciousness, will be withdrawn from the competition and will not be allowed compete again on that day.


  1. This is a change to the previous BJA rule which stated that these players could continue if approved by medical personnel. This rule was recently changed by the IJF and the BJA are now changing to bring us into line with the IJF rule.
  2. The Board of Directors are seeking medical and consultation advice as to whether we should extend this rule to players of cadet age competing in all levels of event but at the moment the rule change applies to players competing in cadet events ONLY.

Golden Score for Minors and Younger Players

The following rules should apply to contests involving technical restrictions.

Level One Competitions

It is recommended Level 1 competition should be single-pool events only where all competitors receive a medal. In this level of competition, if the scores are level at the end of the contest, Hiki-wake (draw) should be given and no ‘golden score’ element added to the contest time.

If final positions in the pool are tied, and it is felt necessary to re-fight any contests, then they should be fought starting in a golden score situation. Re-fighting contests is however not recommended and consideration should be given to awarding joint placings/medals.

Level Two and Three Competitions

In categories involving technical restrictions, the ‘golden score’ element of the contest will be limited to a maximum of two minutes.

If the scores are still level at the end of the ‘golden score’, Hiki-wake will be given. The players will then have a minimum of three minutes rest time, after which the contest will recommence in ‘golden score’ mode again for a maximum of two minutes.

If the scores are still level at the end of the second ‘golden score’, Hiki-wake is again given and the three minutes minimum rest and re-commencement in golden score is repeated. Each subsequent ‘golden score’ element will be a maximum of two minutes and each rest period will be a minimum of three minutes.

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