BJA Youth Panel Looking To Recruit New Members

Are you young and ambitious? Under the age of 21? Looking to make a difference with the British Judo landscape? Have you thought about joining the British Judo Youth Panel?

British Judo is looking for members to be part of an exciting new project, the British Judo Association Youth Panel.

In an association where the majority of our members are under 21 years of age, we want to find better ways to seek your views on a wide range of matters and ensure that your voice is heard at the top level of the Association.

This is a Youth Panel for you, for your voice to be heard and to ensure that your thoughts are acted upon.  What you wish to discuss and put forward to the Board will mostly be a matter for you to decide although there will be some matters where we wish to directly ask you for your views.

It may be that you have views on grading, competitions or the opportunities for youth officials. We are interested to hear what your views are as to how we retain young players in the sport as well as how best to communicate with younger members.

We are hoping to run the first meeting at the end of October, at the British Judo Centre of Excellence, based in Walsall. The aims of the first meeting will be to get to know one another, decide upon who you would like to Chair your group, how to record your views, decide if you need more members and to decide how often you want to meet.

Being part of the BJA Youth Panel is a fantastic opportunity to meet other young people who share your love of the sport, ensure your voice is heard by the association, and to develop skills and experience that would look great on your CV or applications for college and university.

Whether you are an athlete, an official, a volunteer or involved in coaching, all members involved within the Association are encouraged to apply – the more variety, the better!

If you are under 21 and would like to apply to be on the panel please email Eleanor Cantwll (Performance Welfare Officer) at with a short explanation (no more than 400 words) of why you would like to be on the panel. Please feel free to contact Eleanor at any time if you have any questions.