Tell Us Your News!

Here at British Judo, we want 2017 to be a year for the Clubs! 

We are always interested to hear about club news, stories and events that are taking place across the country. If you anything happening at your club whether you are holding an event, or one of your judoka passes a significant landmark, WE WANT TO KNOW!

Information provided could be posted onto our website, along with promoted through our social media accounts and various Newsletter outlets. We will schedule two of the best stories alongside our regular communications updates on our website and social media sent to us every week in 2017!

In order for your story to feature on the website, we will require 1-2 high resolution photos. Without any photos, unfortunately, we will not be able to post the article.

Before you finish and send your information, please check:

  • That the information is accurate,
  • That the spelling and grammar are correct,
  • That you have not used any inappropriate language – if so your article will be rejected.

Please note that it will be at British Judo’s discretion if and where your News appears.

Please forward all articles and photos onto the Marketing and Communications team at