Starting University This Month? Why Not Try out Judo?

Are you heading to university this month? Have you thought about joining your universities judo club?

Here are five reasons why you should consider taking part in judo whilst you are at university:

1 – Making friends 

From the moment that you step onto the mat at a university judo club, you immediately feel at home. Dressed in familiar judogis, you are part of the judo family and could be friends for life. Age, background and degree subject mean nothing once you don your judo attire and

2 – Opportunities to compete

Universities have many opportunities to compete throughout the year with local and regional competitions as well as BUCS. You are under no obligation to attend tournaments and Judo is a great way to socialise and exercise even if you won’t be competing.

3 – Cost

Judo is one of the most freely accessible sports across the country and one of the cheapest! British Judo run the Student Voucher Scheme directly aimed at University students which provides them with everything they need to start doing judo, all for just £20.00.

4 – Teaches you the value of hard work

When you start out on the mat, you may get thrown and submitted at will.  But you will start to see that as you put more time into your practice, it takes you longer to lose, and you lose less and less.  And then you put more time in you will eventually win against those that you were unable to beat before.  And by that time, you are now the one throwing and submitting guys in class.

Judo teaches you the value of hard work, because you actually get to see the fruits of your labor every time you spar.  Your progress can be seen; it’s tangible.  This lesson in judo can be taken and applied to all areas of your life.  Getting good at judo is just like getting good at anything else, you need to stay the path, be consistent, and practice mindfully.

5 – Personal Development

Beyond the physical benefits, judo students learn:

  • To control their feelings, emotions, and impulses
  • About the nature of competition
  • How to overcome their fears
  • How to show courage in the face of pressure or fear
  • The value of a solid work ethic
  • Valuable social skills
  • About justice and fairness
  • To build meaningful relationships with others

Who can sign up to the Student Voucher Scheme?

The Student Voucher Scheme is open to:

– Anyone aged 18 years and older who is enrolled on a course (including part time as well as full time) at an English based university
– Is new to the sport or has not been a BJA member for over a year
– Those that were on the scheme last year can renew their BJA membership and receive a £5 discount’

The university club must already be registered to British Judo or be working towards membership with British Judo for individuals to apply for the Student Voucher Scheme. If you need help setting up a judo club at your university check out our University Handbook and/or contact your local Regional Delivery Officer.

How can I sign up to the Student Voucher Scheme?

If you are interested in signing up to the Student Voucher Scheme, please complete and return the attached application form – Student Voucher Scheme (SVS) Application Form

If you have any questions regarding the Scheme, please contact