National Ippon League Update – September 2017

In addition to the changes in the Age Band Criteria communicated on 5 June 2017:

The following changes will also take effect immediately.

Moving between weight categories

For players moving up between weight categories, half of the points from all events competed at the lower category will be transferred to the higher category, as opposed to all the points from four events.

For players moving down between weight categories, no points from the higher weight category will be transferred to the lower weight category, however, the full value will be reinstated for events competed at the lower weight category.

This will be retrospectively carried out for events currently on the National Ippon Leagues.

The top five events will continue to count towards league position.

Points value on a one year rolling basis

The National Ippon League will operate on a one year rolling basis. Whereas previously it started new each year at the British Championships, which coincided with the new Age Band criteria. Now, every September, the players who become ineligible, based on their year of birth, will be removed from the Ippon League. New players who become active will continue to be added. As the re-occurrence of each National Ippon League event takes place, the new data will be added and the previous year’s data removed.

Non-publishing of the Pre-Cadet Ippon League

The Pre-Cadet Ippon League will continue to be in operation, however, from the 1st September 2017, in collaboration and discussions with the Home Nation Programmes, it will only be distributed among the Home Nation Programmes for performance monitoring and consideration for squad identification purposes as appropriate.