Make The Positive Parents Promise Today with NSPCC

Ahead of Parents in Sport Week 2019 (7th – 13th October), the Child Protection Support Unit (CPSU) – run in partnership with NSPCC – is asking parents to make a promise to their child to make sure they have safe and enjoyable experiences of sport.

This 3-point promise highlights how you can be a great sports parent. You can click each point for advice and tips on ways you can fulfil your promise.

Make the Positive Parents Promise

As a positive sports parent, I make these promises to my child(ren) – click on each heading:

StarI promise to make sure the club we choose together is safe and fun

StarI promise to listen to you if you have any concerns about your sport

StarI promise to make sure that I always support you and your teammates in a positive way

Make it official! Add your name to be counted and get a certificate to print out and put on the fridge or share on social media.

Head over over to the CPSU’s website today to download your very own certificate today!