John Pluckrose Obituary

It is with great sadness that British Judo announces that John Pluckrose passed away on New Years Day 2017.

John was a valued and much loved member and Head Club Coach of Crawley Judo Club and was still coaching two sessions a week at the age of 89 until May of last year.

John started the club back in 1954 and has been an ever-present coach for the last 63 years. He was also a long serving Senior Examiner of the Southern Area and will be sadly missed by all.

He leaves behind an extraordinary legacy in judo in Crawley and a huge gap in the judo lives of all who knew him and we mourn his passing, but at the same time, we celebrate the foundations that he worked tireless to maintain and grow within the sport.

John would lead sessions whether he had 1 judoka attend the session or thirty! Throughout his time at the club, he oversaw over 50 Dan grade achievements.

The level of respect earnt by John was marked in June 2015, when at the age of 87, he joined a select group of people in the United Kingdom by being awarded a 6th Dan belt. He was surprised with the rare honour issued by British Judo to recognise his lifelong contribution to the sport and dozens of John’s current and former students joined him at the presentation to celebrate receiving the honour.

He was just an unbelievable individual. Whoever he taught, he imparted so much advice and wisdom,” said Paul Teasdale and Juliette Aubrey-Smith, Crawley Judo Club Coaches.

“We have known him since the 1970’s and he has helped us work our way up the grading system right from junior, senior and Dan grades. He was a hugely respected figure at the club and will leave a big hole in our hearts.” 

“Whilst he has been ill, John recently sent one of our young judoka a card congratulating him on receiving his green belt. He loved to celebrate his student’s successes. That is the measure of the man and how much he cared for the development of the club, it’s students and the sport as a whole.”

Our thoughts are with all of John’s family and everyone who knew him at this sad time. 

The funeral details are as follows:

Funeral: Surrey and Sussex Crematorium, Balcombe Road, Crawley, Sussex, RH10  3NQ – 12.45pm
Friday 13th January, 2017 – 12:45pm

Wake: The Parsons Pig Inn, Balcombe Road, Crawley, Sussex, RH10 3NL