Grand Prix Night is a Belter in the North East

The North East Grand Prix competitions were concluded with a presentation evening in North Shields, with awards given to students and clubs who took part in the five 2018 events.

The events were hosted by four local clubs – Battlehill, Butokokan, Juno Michi and Parks – and held across Tyne and Wear and Northumberland.

Students from any Association could take part in the competitions, which were run under British Judo competitions rules.

All competitors and club points were collated on an annual leader board. The event also had unique interlocking medals representing the North East of England. The top 25 players from the 358 entries were awarded free entry into all 2019 Judo Masterclass events and presented with winners’ certificates.

Any competitor who won medals from each of the five events was also presented with medal plaques to display their awards.

The top players were Michaela Sweeten (Sportif Blue), Joshua Chrisp (Juno Michi), Josh Stoneman (Battlehill) and Ellie Hutton (Battlehill) – all with three gold and two silver medals.

Gold and two silvers were won by Jemma Smith (Sportif Blue), while Evan Anderson (Kodokwai) claimed four gold and one silver.

However, topping the leader board was Harrison Wood (Parks) who was the only person with five golds – one from each event. Wood was also awarded a prize of two top-of-the-range judo suits to mark his efforts.

Thirty-eight clubs took part in the five competitions. Topping the medal table were Parks (nine gold), Butokokan (10 gold), Juno Michi (10 gold), Thornaby (12 gold), Sportif Maroon (14 gold) and Battlehill (14 gold).

Taking first place though with a very impressive haul of 34 gold, 34 silver and 38 bronze medals was Sportif Blue.