Governance Changes Accepted at Annual General Meeting 2017

Saturday saw the British Judo Association’s Annual General Meeting take place at East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham.

As part of the Meeting, the Board proposed to change the Memorandum & Articles to ensure that the BJA becomes fully code compliant with UK Code for Sports Governance.

The change was unanimously agreed by all attendees on the day.

The following change will be made:

8.1: Resolution to amend Memorandum and Articles – Point 35 – The Nominations Committee

Delete current Point 35:

“The Nominations Committee shall consist of no more than 3 individuals appointed by the Council together with one of the Independently Appointed Directors (appointed by the Board) and the Senior Independent Director who shall chair the Committee.”

And replace with new Point 35:

35. The Nominations Committee shall consist of:

35.1 An individual appointed by the Council from their numbers;

35.2 the Chair of the Association or Vice Chair as substitute; and

35.3 three Independently Appointed Directors (Appointed by the Board), one of whom shall be the Senior Independent Director.

35 A. The Chair of the Association shall chair the Nominations Committee on all occasions other than during the appointment of the Chair of the Association if that Chair is standing for the appointment as Chairman (During these occasions, the Senior Independent Director shall chair the Nominations Committee).

35 B. The Nominations Committee will be responsible for recommending to the Board of Directors, Board appointments for their approval. The Board shall have the ultimate decision on all Board appointments following the recommendations by the Nominations Committee.