Glasgow European Open Entry Now Open To Senior Ranking List

The 2018 Glasgow European Open for Men & Women will be held from 6-7 October 2018, in Glasgow, Scotland.

The IJF have now changed the status of IJF Continental Opens in terms of World Ranking points and the number of athletes that can compete in this event from 4 per nation – to an open entry.

In discussion with the British Judo Chair and the Performance Management Group (PMG), and in light of British Judo no longer hosting the British Open (GBR Senior European Cup), our home WR event now provides British Judo with the opportunity to open up the entry to ALL GB Junior and Senior athletes, who are competing at a minimum level of British Judo Senior domestic ranking events and are in the Top 16 of the GB Senior Ranking List- in alignment to the qualification for the British Senior Championships.

To be clear, the entry for the Glasgow European Open is now open to GB Junior and Senior non-Squad athletes who are ranked in the TOP 16 of the current GB SENIOR RANKING LIST.

All athletes who wish to compete in the Glasgow European Open and are not a current member of the GB Junior or Senior squad, will be liable for ALL costs including their registration to Judobase, if not already registered on the IJF system.

If you wish to apply to self-fund to this event, please submit a Self-Funding Application Form to by Friday 28th September. You will then be entered into Judobase at your requested weight category. If you need to be registered in Judobase, you must pay the 55 Euro registration fee to be entered into Judobase, in advance of your entry being confirmed.

Your Judobase registration is valid for 2 years.

NOTE – should you enter into the Glasgow European Open and withdraw from the event or fail to turn up to registration prior to the draw, then you will incur a 100 Euro penalty fine from the IJF. You must inform John Bramall no later than 5pm on Thursday 4 October 2018, should you need to withdraw from the event.

As per the Self-Fund Policy, all athletes may be coached matside by their Personal, Club, Home Nation, or Programme coach.

Event Outlines are available from the British Judo website and all athletes will be expected to stay in the official hotel for at least one night of their stay as per the IJF conditions of entry.

*The Self-Fund Policy for all WR Events remains in place as published in May 2018 and this communication is only in affect for the 2018 Glasgow European Open.

Click here to download the British Judo Senior Ranking List

Click here to download the Glasgow European Open Self-Funding Application Form