Free judo sessions at Metro Judo Club

The Metro Judo Club in partnership with London Youth, are now offering a free senior Judo session, every Wednesday night, at the Thomas Tallis School Dojo on Kidbrooke Park Road, London SE3 9PX

The free session, has been set up to help keep young judo players in the sport

Especially in the South East London Area, so with the help of London youth, sports development team, the Metro Judo Club, will offer the free session, at their dojo, which has a mat area 26m by 14m.

The session is open to all senior players of any age, but is hoped to target the younger age group 14 to 19 years and hopefully will attract players from all over South London, Kent and Surrey

The session coach, will be Darren Horney, a very experienced competition coach

If you require any other details on the session, then please contact the club Secretary, Mick Murphy, on  / 07733235404