Entry Now Open for British Junior/Senior Open Kata Championships 2019

Hosted by Samurai Judo Club on Sunday 13th October 2019, the British Junior and Senior Open Kata Championships are now open for entry.

The BJA has a new Kata organisation committee, under the auspices of the National Promotions Commission. There is a drive to revitalise
British Kata and this event is being held in a new way and with much greater emphasis on development and feedback. We want to make this a more friendly, welcoming event where players enter to improve their skills.

All kata will gain a final overall score, which will be published.
Higher scores will fall into one of three levels: Bronze (good), Silver (excellent) or Gold (outstanding).

Players will receive medals according to the level they attain. Those not reaching bronze level or above will receive certificates
of participation. The pair in each adult and youth section gaining the highest score will be acclaimed British Champions. In the event of a tie, the senior judge will decide.

All kata will be video recorded. After the end of the event, judges will be allocated to pairs to give feedback using the video. (Players who bring a data stick can download the footage and take it home with them.) Selected adult players of very high standard and experience may be invited to assist in judging the youth section and/or feedback to pairs in the youth section.

Eligibility: All competitors must have a current BJA licence or equivalent.

Entry fee: adult kata £20 per pair; U15 kata £14 per pair. Cheques payable to: SAMURAI JUDO CLUB. Spectators free.

Closing date for entries: 4th October. Payment on the day subject to £2 surcharge per player.

All pairs MUST enter before the day so that paperwork can be prepared.

For more information about how to enter the British Junior and Senior Open Kata Championships, please click here