English Minors Open Now Open For Booking!

Entry is now open to athletes for the English Minors Open to be hosted at the British Judo Centre of Excellence in Walsall.

The inaugural Open, run by Samurai Judo Club, has attracted a good entry to date with over 65 competitors from Scotland, Wales and almost every English Area, with more entries still to be confirmed.

The event includes, not just the competition, but seminars with England Squad representatives to give information and advice on future pathways to success, as well as a post-competition training and randori session.

The following day, Samurai Judo Club will host their annual Women’s Open and Men’s Masters Kyu Grades and Men Kyu Grades Championships at the same venue.

The event always offers a good chance for ranking points and for less experienced men’s Masters to experience competing in an event. The women’s event includes sections for young women, women’s masters and high grade athletes, whilst the men’s event will be split with an event for judoka with green belts and below as well as a blue and brown belts competition, both divided into Masters and younger men. Although there’s no reason why the masters can’t have a go at the youngsters when they’ve finished their own section!

Please see below for the booking forms for each event:

English Minors Open – Saturday 8th July

Kyu and Womens Open – Sunday 9th July