British Judo Announces Membership Price Increase

British Judo membership and grading fees will be increasing from 1st September 2017. You have until 31st August to take advantage of the current membership prices before the fees are increased very slightly.

British Judo will be increasing membership and grading fees from 1st September 2017.

It is the first price increase that the British Judo Association has made in four years (the previous price rise was in 2013) and the increase will ensure that we are able to continue providing you with lots of great benefits.

As a British Judo member, you will have access to liability insurance, a subscription to our quarterly publication, Matside, the ability to join the BJA’s internationally recognized Grading Scheme, access to elite programmes and membership services, and a whole range of new member discounts including up to 49% off at Merlin Entertainment attractions (Find out more by clicking here).

Each package will rise by no more than £2.00, of which £1.00 will be contributed to the British Judo Trust. Grading prices will also increase by £2.00-£5.00. The Trust, founded in 2007, is a registered charity that focuses on providing grants to young people to assist them in attaining their full potential at all levels of judo. Often these young people come from family backgrounds with limited resources and the Trust is able to play a pivotal role in the development of these young people.

We will also streamline our membership offer to avoid confusion for new and returning members. This will also include a Student/Military membership option.

Membership categories and prices as of 1st September 2017:

Category Current Prices New Prices
Full Membership New Renewal New Renewal
Senior £38.00 £35.00 £40.00 £37.00
Junior £27.00 £24.00 £29.00 £26.00
Junior (Under 8) £20.00 £20.00 £22.00 £22.00
Student/Military £27.00 £24 £29.00 £26.00
Recreational £15.00 £15 £15.00 £15.00
Introductory * £12.00 £14.00

* 4 months non-renewable

Grade categories and prices as of 1st September 2017:

Category Current New
Dan (Technical) £35.00 £40.00
Kyu £10.00 £12.00
Mon £10.00 £12.00
Mon (Under 8) * £7.50 £7.50

* Applicable to members under 8 already on the Mon Grading Scheme – will be phased out this year