Thank you for visiting the British Judo Association (BJA) website to renew your club’s affiliation for 2019. We would like to say a sincere apology for the delays you have experienced with this year’s club process and thank you hugely for your patience.

You should have recently received notification from the BJA of your club affiliation fee for 2019. If you haven’t yet received this or have any queries, please contact the BJA Finance Department on 0121 728 6920 (option 6) or send an email to

Direct Debit payments

If your club has set up its affiliation payment via direct debit or your payment has already been made, you should have already received your club’s affiliation certificate.

To ensure that we have accurate information for your club Insurance cover, please now update your club contact information via either:

  • The Dojo (English clubs)
  • Completing the club update form (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland clubs only) click here.

Affiliation payments 2019

Clubs that still need to make their 2019 club affiliation payment can do so by clicking on the link below. Please note, you will need to know the amount you are required to pay which would have been emailed to your club’s correspondence contact. If you haven’t received this, please call the BJA Finance Team on 0121 728 6920 (Option 6) and they will be able to confirm the amount.

Club Insurance 2019

Please click here to download a copy of your clubs 2019 Insurance certificate. (Can be personalised for your club)

Please click here to download a copy of your Club Insurance Summary 

Further Questions

If you need help with your club affiliation payment, please contact our Head Office on on 0121 728 6920 or email