Schools Special Needs Competition is a huge success

The British Schools Special Needs competition took place at Samurai Judo Club in Kidderminster on 13 September 2014.

Everyone was able to fight a number of different opponents, and a good time was had by all.

George Cripps, a pupil at Hereward College in Kidderminster was one of the participants. He said: “This was a very good competition with players that really understood judo.
“All the players were really friendly and all of the officials took special needs into consideration”.

As well as competing against other likeminded players, they also took part in a ‘throw the black belt’ competition, where they had to see if they could beat some of the adult black belts – made up of coaches and referees. This part of the day was thoroughly enjoyed by the participants and spectators alike.

Many of these players will be taking part in the British Special Needs competition in Cardiff on 23 November.

The Schools Special Needs event has already been booked for 2015 and will take place at Samurai Judo Club on Saturday 11 July 2015.

Words by Susan Collins.