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Known as Jemima or Mima, Mima is a Commonwealth bronze medallist from Glasgow. After returning from the World Junior Championships with a bronze medal Mima was enjoying some time off after initially not making the Team England Commonwealth Team. An injury meant Mima was called up last minute to be a part of the team and went on to medal.

Mima has recently returned to the -70kg category having competed at -78kg for the Tokyo cycle. An elbow and knee injury ended her Tokyo bid, but she is now back fighting fit!

Global Championships
Event Year Position
World Championships – Doha 2023 5th
World Championships – Tashkent 2022
Commonwealth Games – Birmingham 2022 Bronze
European Championships – Sofia 2022
European Games/Championships – Minsk 2019
World Championships – Baku 2018 5th
European U23 Championships – Tel Aviv 2016 Silver
Commonwealth Games – Glasgow 2014 Bronze
World Junior Championships – Ft. Lauderdale 2014 Bronze
European Junior Championships – Bucharest 2014
World Junior Championships – Ljubljana 2013
European Junior Championships – Sarajevo 2013 5th
European Championships – Chelyabinsk 2012
World Junior Championships – Cape Town 2011 5th
World Cadet Championships – Kiev 2011 Bronze
European Cadet Championships – Cottonera 2011 Gold
IJF World Tour
Event Year Position
Dushanbe Grand Prix 2023 5th
Abu Dhabi Grand Slam 2022 Bronze
Portugal Grand Prix 2022 7th
Paris Grand Slam 2021 7th
Zagreb Grand Prix 2021 5th
Paris Grand Slam 2019 5th
Tel Aviv Grand Prix 2019 Bronze
Budapest Grand Prix 2018 5th
Ekaterinburg Grand Slam 2018 7th
Qingdao Grand Prix 2016 Bronze
Abu Dhabi Grand Slam 2016 Bronze
Zagreb Grand Prix 2016 7th
Continental Cup/Open
Event Year Position
Perth Oceania Open 2022 Bronze
Sarajevo European Open 2021 Silver
Glasgow European Open 2018 Bronze
Saarbrucken European Cup 2018 Bronze
Rome European Open 2018 Gold
Glasgow European Open 2016 Gold
Tallinn European Open 2016 Silver
Germany European Cup 2016 7th
Podcetrtek European Cup 2016 Silver
Madrid European Open 2016 Bronze
Dubrovnik European Cup 2016 Bronze
Berlin Junior European Cup 2015 5th
Wroclaw Junior European Cup 2015 Bronze
London European Cup 2015 Bronze
La Coruna Junior European Cup 2015 Silver
Athens Junior European Cup 2015 Bronze
Lignano Junior European Cup 2015 Gold
Oberwart European Open 2015 Bronze
Port Luis African Open 2013 Silver