National Team Championship results

Scotland were in scintillating form as they won three of the four gold medals available at the 2012 National Team Championships at EIS Sheffield.

In the senior men’s final Nathon Burns put the North West 1-0 up with a win against James Millar.

Scotland fought back as Patrick Dawson levelled the score with a beautiful uchi-mata and edged ahead as Iain Feenan produced a devastating ippon for a 2-1 lead for the defending champions.

Matthew Purssey, who impressed all afternoon, sealed gold for Scotland with a huge ippon while in-form Karl Etherington produced a consolation victory as Scotland ran out 3-2 winners.

Bronze medals went to the West and London.

In the senior women category Scotland defeated NHC 3-2 as the high-quality team of Louise and Kim Renicks, Connie Ramsey, Charlotte Potter and Kirsty Rogers reigned supreme.

Bronze medals were clinched by the Midlands and London.

In the junior girls competition NHC beat London as they won six contests to the capital’s three.

Bronze medals went to Scotland and the Midlands.

Scotland’s third gold came courtesy of their junior boys’ hard-fought triumph over the Midlands as they ran out 6-5 winners in a nail-biting final.

Bronze medals went to London and the North West.

Several judoka fought for junior and senior teams including Junior European silver medallist Max Stewart, 18, who had a staggering eight fights on the day and incredibly won all eight.

His stirring victories included submitting Olympic Test event competitor Sebastian Nadal with a choke after only 25 seconds.

Junior world bronze medallist Hayley Willis was also called upon for junior and senior action as she represented London on seven occasions. Willis, 16, won six contests and registered a draw against Jodie Caller of the NHC.

NHC Team Manager Nicole Nunn said: “Our teams were superb, they really rose to the occasion and we’ll be back next year.” 

The event also featured a special presentation as long-time referee Alan Lingham received an honorary IJF licence from British Judo Chairman Densign White.