Music in Judo: do you use music in your sessions?

The Brit Awards are tonight and to mark the occasion, the British Judo Association would like your help compiling the ultimate judo top training tracks playlist.

The benefits of music on sport performance are well known with The Sport in Mind reporting that music positively effects athletes’ mood, emotions and behaviour as well as “delaying fatigue and increasing work capacity … leading to higher than expected levels of endurance, power, productivity, or strength”. Many judo clubs use music in their judo sessions, whether for warm ups or for randori sessions.

CSS Judo Club based in Leicestershire has been running for one year and Head Coach, Ian Cox, has been using music in his training sessions for over 15 years.

He said: “We use music more in the randori sessions when coaching is not required as it helps to create an atmosphere. Which tracks you play depends entirely on the session but we use anything commercial with a bit of a beat”.

Do you use music in judo sessions at your club? What types of music do you use? Let us know and get involved in compiling our training tracks playlist below. 

Contribute Your Favourite Training Tracks

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We’re collecting all the suggestions and creating the ultimate judo playlist, this will be available on Spotify here: British Judo Top Training Tracks Playlist