Meet The Referee – Anthony Devoy

Name: Anthony Devoy

Club: Bedford/Army 

What is your judo background?

I started judo in 2014 at Bedford Judo Club under Head Coach Robin Gell (6th Dan) up until I started the AASE program (now known as DISE), at Comberton Judo Club, it was at this point I started both refereeing and coaching, obtaining my Level 1 Coaching and Club Referee Award.

I took a short break after climbing the refereeing ladder, as I joined the British Army, within that time I earned my 1st Dan and my National B Refereeing Award.

Where are you in your refereeing journey?

With my very recent promotion to National B Referee I have now been selected, along with a few others, to take part in my National A Programme.

What has been your favourite moment as a referee?

Getting to know all different backgrounds and fighting styles of the players I referee and trying my best to soak up as much knowledge as possible from those helping me climb my ladder.

What do you love most about refereeing?

The constant involvement in the sport and seeing young judoka develop over the years into the talented players they are today, hoping to see them develop further with age and to have the pleasure to continue refereeing them throughout.

What are your ambitions in refereeing?

My main ambition is to reach the highest standard in refereeing as an IJF level referee, like those who have taught me.

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to be a referee?

Become a sponge, and be ready to soak up endless knowledge from the vast experience throughout the sport, in the form of coaches, referees and the players. Never stop trying to learn.

What three words best describe refereeing to you?

Joyful, teamwork, surprise

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