Judo proves a popular party in the park

Monday the 30th saw British Judo’s first day of involvement with the BT London Live sites, this time in Victoria Park.  With the day’s judo, gymnastics and diving on display on the big screens throughout the park crowds were drawn over to the temporary dojo in the Sport Zone from early on in the afternoon.

To draw the crowds in at first, Lee Shinkin had organised exciting displays with GB and well established local judoka (Pete Cousins, Boris Kibrik, Craig Hutchinson, Faith Pitman, Sophie Johnson and Prisca Awiti) and local judoka from a local judo club demonstrating the throws, arm locks and groundwork used at the top level of judo.

With everyone successfully hooked it was time for the spectators to take to the mat with engaging introductory sessions taken by British Judo coaches Jason Allen, Gabor Szanyi-Nagy and Steve Stacy. Children and adults took to the mat over the various taster sessions and all came off buzzing with the judo bug! Everyone who took part on the mat was given a British Judo club map to show all the local clubs in London and many seemed keen to continue after having their first taste of the sport.

British Judo London Development Manager Karen French said that the day provided a great opportunity to take judo to people who would normally get to try the sport – “With the Olympics on the big screens as such a great draw for people nearby it’s been brilliant to see everyone, young and old to have a go. In many cases they’ll have seen it on TV in the Olympics, especially with Colin’s progression yesterday, as well as here today with Lee’s brilliant display, and are inspired to try something different.”

If you missed us at BT London Live in Victoria Park, never fear – we’ll be back this Saturday (4th August) from 4pm with more displays and taster sessions. We are also taking part in the larger BT London Live site in Hyde Park this Thursday (2nd August from 2:45pm), next Wednesday (8th August from 2:45pm) and next Friday (10th August from 6pm). It’s a great way to watch all the Olympic action taking place and if you feel inspired there are plenty of chances for you to get on the mat and have a go!

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