Good luck to self-funding athletes going to Coimbra Cadet Cup

The Cadet European Cup in Coimbra, Portugal is a self-funding event happening on 11 and 12 April and the England Judo performance team and British Judo wish the players all the best for a successful tournament.

English players going out to Coimbra are Kiera Bateman of Pinewood -48kg, Stephanie Walker of Bradley Stoke -52kg, Molly Storey EYJA -52kg, Chelsie Giles of Coventry -52kg, Natasha Fraser of The Parks -52kg, Jessica Carl JC Osaka -57kg, Olivia Spellman of Pinewood at -57kg, Acelya Toprak of Metro -63kg, Lubjana Piovesana of Bishop Challoner -63kg, Connor Potts of Goole -50kg, Daniel Powell, Wolverhampton -60kg, Andrew Morris of the Wirral -66kg, Eric Ham of Glossop -66kg, Harry Boby of JC Osaka -81kg, Ari Aristidou of SKK at -90kg.