Free Olympic sport for Hillsborough youngsters

Hillsborough Judo Club has secured a £7,000 grant from Awards for All to deliver free training sessions for young people aged 5-7.

Awards for All is a Lottery grants scheme funding small, local community-based projects in the UK.

Hillsborough Judo Club received the funding for their new project Wellbeing and Discipline which will enable 20 young people aged 5-7 to practice the Olympic and Paralympic sport of judo for one year.

These sessions will be on Fridays between 6pm and 7pm at Hillsborough Leisure Centre interspersed with opportunities for young people to understand and learn about various features of the activity they are involved in.

The club project actively encourages exercise, good nutrition (through keeping a regular diet diary), basic balance and co-ordination skills, respect and discipline.

Club chairman and coach Cameron McDowall said: “Our aim is to break down the barriers currently preventing these young people from participating in sport. The focus of the sessions will be on taking part, raising confidence and self esteem, raising fitness levels and engaging with other young people.

“We wish to change the negative attitude towards activity into a positive one. It is therefore vital to encourage positive behaviour beyond school hours. These weekly sessions will be supported by quarterly family events. At these events young people will be encouraged to bring their families to take part in martial arts activities, team building activities and socialising. We will also be able to provide feedback to parents on their child’s progress.

“We believe this will encourage people to make use of their local leisure facilities more often, promoting a positive lifestyle change and helping people feel comfortable to do so.”

If your child (5-7 year old) and family wishes to be part of the above please contact Jackie Storr (07762193335) or Cameron McDowall (07976544272) or simply come down to the leisure centre during training time. 

Hillsborough Judo Club.train at Hillsborough Leisure Centre, Beulah Rd,, Sheffield,, South Yorkshire, S6 2AN.