Ashley McKenzie visits St Albans Judo Club

London 2012 Olympian Ashley McKenzie inspired the next generation of judoka as he staged a memorable masterclass at St Albans Judo Club in Hertfordshire.

McKenzie, the world’s leading judoka on twitter with 40,000 followers, guided 40 young judoka through their paces and much to their delight took part in randori with many of them.   

A session with the club’s senior judoka followed and the former u23 European champion led the talented group through competitive techniques before giving them a glimpse of his class in randori.  

Club official Emma Huntley said: “The joy and enthusiasm that Ashley showed for this sport and the encouragement he gave to the young judoka was fantastic.

“He was such an inspiration to our younger members and he demonstrated the enjoyment and fun side of judo along with showing them what hard work and determination can do.

“An amazing time was enjoyed by all and what an inspiration Ashley was to so many of our members, young and old.“

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