2013 British Schools Championships set to enthral Sheffield

A capacity entry list brimming with talent? Check. Seven mat areas set to showcase them? Check.  Spring around the corner? Check.

That means it is time for only one thing – the 2013 British Schools Championships, British Judo’s flagship event for development judoka at iceSheffield on Saturday 9 March.

The one-day event, which has been managed by British Judo since 2010, has surged in popularity to become one of the most popular events on the domestic calendar.

That year 300 judoka took part and the overwhelmingly positive feedback gave an indication that the event would have a prosperous future.

That has been the case and, while some judoka have since gone on to represent Great Britain, a wealth of new and exciting talent emerges every year to enthral an energetic crowd.

The 2013 instalment once again reached capacity in record as all 525 places were snapped up in just three weeks. The 50 places on the reserve list were then filled within a week.

The records continued to tumble as 350 schools will be represented from across Great Britain. Judoka will compete in age banded categories for years 6 and 7, years 8 and 9, years 10 and 11 and years 12 and 13.  

The event will also be the first British Judo competition to implement the International Judo Federation’s (IJF) new testing rules.

(Click here for a document explaining the rules and here for a video demonstration)

The exceptions to the IJF rules are that three referees will remain on the mat for all contests and that weigh-in times will remain on the morning of the event.

We understand that the implementation of the rules will be a learning curve for all involved, therefore the following concessions will be applied for the British Schools Championships:

Shido will be awarded for every offence below the belt, not hansoku-make

Medical attendance will be allowed if the referee believes there is an injury which needs assessing

Shime-waza and kansetsu-waza will be excluded for entrants in years six, seven, eight and nine

In addition to this, a rules seminar will be held for all coaches and referees on Friday 8 March from 18:30-20:00 at iceSheffield.

Ethics and sportsmanship are integral to our events and we call on all parents, coaches and fellow judoka to please show respect and be patient as many judoka will be competing at a national event for the first time.

Our aim is for participants to have an enjoyable experience. If you can represent the ideals, disciplines and etiquette of the British Judo then that will go a long way to achieving that.

British Judo School Commission member Andrew Wilesmith said: “The growing popularity is a demonstration of how judo has continued to grow in the education sector.

“Judo is a sport that offers a lot to schools and education and we are continuing to work to develop the relationship between judo and education. The large number of schools coming to Sheffield this weekend from all over the country shows what a positive impact judo has on school sport.”

Entry listhttps://www.britishjudo.org.uk/enteronline/2013BritishSchoolChampionshipsEntryList.php


iceSheffield, Coleridge Rd, Sheffield, S9 5DA


Adult Day Ticket: £7

Concession Day Ticket: £3.50 – under 16’s, Senior Citizens, Students (must produce a valid NUS card)

Spectator tickets will be available as follows:

On the door at iceSheffield from 07:30 during the event (all tickets are subject to availability)

2013 British Schools Championships competitors will also be eligible for a ticket to spectate at the 2013 English Open for just £1. The English Open will be held on Sunday 10th March 2013 also at iceSheffield. Competitors can purchase this discount ticket from the BJA merchandise stall on Saturday 9th March.

Free entry for British Judo coaches and instructors. Please provide proof of your qualification at the coaching desk.