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Dan Grades

Dan grades are the highest grades attainable within the sport of judo.

To see the current list of Dan Grade holders in the UK, view the Dan Grade Online Register


Dan grade lapel badges - NEW for August 2015

Our Dan grade lapel badges are new for August 2015 and are available to all members that have a Dan grade registered with the British Judo Association.

If your grade is a 1st to 5th Dan then a black belt lapel badge will be sent to you.

Members that hold a 6th Dan grade and above will receive a red and white belt lapel badge. If you purchase a Dan grade certificate from the 1st August 2015 you will be entitled to one FREE lapel badge. Please see the certificate application form link that is available on the Dan grade section of our website.

Alternatively the lapel badges can be purchased for Β£3 each by completing the lapel badge order form on the Dan grade section of our website.

To view the lapel badges please click on the following link

Dan Grade Lapel Badge Order Form

Technical Dan Grade Registration – Guidelines for Examiners and Candidates (May 2016)

Dan Grading Requirements (May 2016)

Application Form for Promotion to 6th Dan (May 2016)

Guide for Applications for 7th Dan and Above (May 2016)

Guide for Applications for 6th Dan (May 2016)

Application Form for Promotion to 7th Dan (May 2016)

Dan Grade Syllabus (May 2016)

Dan Grade Certificate Application Form (May 2016)

Dan Grade Competitive Skills (May 2016)

Dan Grade Technical Examination (May 2016)

Technical Examination Guidelines (May 2016)

Dan Grade Syllabus Ammendments (May 2016)

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