Your Judo Journey: The British Championships

Are you ready to step up to the highest level of judo in the United Kingdom? The British Pre-Cadet, Cadet, Junior, and Senior Championships beckon – offering a gateway to unparalleled opportunities and prestigious accomplishments.

Reach the Pinnacle: This championship is the pinnacle of the domestic judo calendar. Imagine the thrill of being crowned a British Champion! Engage in the electric atmosphere, rally behind your club companions, and challenge yourself against the nation’s finest. It’s not just a competition; it’s an experience that etches itself into your judo journey forever

Forge Your Path to the GB Judo Squad: The Championships serve as a gateway to the GB Judo squad. Triumph here, and you earn an invitation to the Open National Squad Training and GB Judo Under 23 Training Camps (Junior/Seniors). This is your chance to join the elite and train alongside the best, honing your skills under the guidance of international coaches.

Claim International Opportunities: A podium finish opens doors to the global judo circuit. Secure a medal, and you unlock the coveted chance to compete internationally at world-ranking events such as European Opens and beyond (for Juniors and Seniors). It’s not just about national acclaim; it’s about stepping onto the world stage and showcasing your prowess.

Gateway to Home Nation Squads: Selection for Home Nation (HN) Squads awaits those who demonstrate exceptional skill and determination. Different HNs have varied rules, but the British Championships serve as a prime opportunity to catch the eye of selectors. It’s a stepping stone toward regional recognition and further advancement in your judo journey.

Embrace the challenge, the thrill, and the honour of competing at the British Championships. It’s more than a tournament; it’s a platform that propels you towards greatness within the judo realm. Seize this chance, mark your place in history, and let your Judo journey soar to new heights!

Join us at the British Championships, where champions are made and dreams become reality.

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