Your British Judo Membership Pack Is Changing!

Your British Judo membership pack is due to change from today (Tuesday 29th September).

Previously, all new British Judo members received a membership card and a record book, with junior members also receiving a red belt to begin their judo journey.

We have revamped our membership offer to include a free British Judo drawstring bag for both new and renewing members along with an informative booklet detailing how to get the best value from your membership as well as your standard British Judo membership card. Record books will also be included for new members.

Red belts will not be included moving forwards for junior members, but will still be available for purchase from the JudoStore, which offers excellent value judo merchandise.

The new membership packs will go into circulation from today so all members, either new or renewing, can expect a new style membership pack through their doors upon continuing their membership with the British Judo Association.