World Autism Acceptance Week: Autism Training – Thursday 31st March

To celebrate World Autism Acceptance Week we would like to invite you to a session delivered by one of our own British Judo Coaches Dan Jacklin who is autistic and has experience of delivering recreational sport to autistic participants in judo and swimming.

This session is aimed at all members of our judo community to help improve awareness and knowledge on autism and how we can ensure our clubs, experiences, competitions and interactions are as inclusive and enjoyable as possible for judoka (and their family members) who have autism.
Location: Zoom
Time: 19:30-20:30
Date: Thursday 31st March
Register your interest by emailing:

The session will cover multiple autism and diversity topics including:

– What is ASD and what it is like to have it
– Barriers that autistic people face inside and outside the dojo
– Benefits of autistic people participating in judo
– What we can do to make the dojo more accessible to autistic people?
– How can we make first lesson for autistic judoka a good experience?
– What are the benefits of games and coaching considerations when delivering to autistic judoka?
– What are the benefits of competition and adjustments autistic judoka may require to participate in competition judo?
– Adjustments for autistic judoka when grading
We look forward to seeing you on Thursday!