On Saturday the 22nd June 2019 members of Wolverhampton Judo Club, together will support from Telford, Codsall and the University of Wolverhampton Judo Clubs are taking part in a 12 hour “Throw-a-thon”. This involves continually throwing somebody for 12 hours to raise money for the Charity Trust based at the local New Cross Hospital.

The aim, over the 12 hour ‘Throw-a-thon’, is to complete 12,000 throws. The team have set themselves the target of raising £2,500 to aid the RWT Charity who in turn supports the Trust by providing additional resources that improve the lives of patients and their families.  This includes more advanced, specialist pieces of equipment not usually provided by the NHS.

This additional equipment the fundraising hopes to raise will enhance patient experience in a variety of ways, such as reducing discomfort, helping to improve patient outcomes, and reducing waiting times.

The fundraising will contribute towards the purchase of equipment for orthopaedic patients at New Cross Hospital. This equipment will be used in the clinic to determine whether surgical intervention or a non-invasive treatment plan is needed with injuries involving the musculoskeletal system. The equipment can also be used to diagnose a condition which may ordinarily take much longer to diagnose. The equipment will enhance patient experience as they will be diagnosed quicker, and will greatly reduce the pressure on the NHS, as patients would not need a second out-patients appointment.

Want to donate to the fantastic cause? Just click here to access the JustGiving page