Why Judo Matters

Judo matters. And it doesn’t matter for the reasons most people expect a sport to be important. Yes, it ticks the boxes in terms of physical movement, but it does so much more. People who ‘do judo’ anecdotally tell us not only does it change their lives; in many cases it has been attributed to saving them.

In the judo clubs, large and small, in towns and in small rural villages, judo creates communities that stick together, help each other and create values in young and old that are hugely positive for individuals and society.

The eight values of judo: self-respect, courtesy, respect, courage, humility, friendship, honesty and modesty, create people who have true humility yet also the courage to stand up for what they think is right.  The values are not taught by rote but are demonstrated in the culture of each club. Those privileged to walk through the doors of their local club see those values, begin to live them and feel their benefit daily.

Practically the sport teaches us how to fall and balance. In so doing a life skill is learned that prevents injuries from playgrounds through to nursing homes.   Judo also teaches us how to work together for mutal benefit, and like many other sports it teaches discipline and confidence.

We say that British Judo exists to create humble warriors and our small but dedicated staff strive for this every day. We have a powerful combination of previous Olympians, high powered business executives, and a dedicated club support team working together to create a sustainable future for judo.

Our vision is to make Britain fall in love with judo. We know judo changes lives; we know judo helps people fulfil their potential and we want to work with with our members who want to help unlock their superpowers.

Embrace life. Embrace judo.