Why Apply For the GB Home Nation Support Coach and Elite Coach Development Programme?

We have received some excellent applications so far for the GB Home Nation Support Coach and Elite Coach Development Programme, launched on Friday!

Following some common questions asked by Coaches, Performance Director Nigel Donohue would like to add some further useful information about the programme which will hopefully answer some of these queries:

“The GB HN Support Coach programme is going to be a fantastic opportunity to extend our Coaching resource across the GB Performance system. Additionally, these coaches are also working at the ‘coal face’ on a daily basis and will provide invaluable feedback within the system that can help support future development of our programmes.”

“We are asking for Coaches to commit to at least 20 days a year at the levels that they feel their expertise and skills can be best utilised. These days will be spread across a calendar year to support at both domestic squad camps and international competition and training camps. Most domestic squad camps at CAD and JNR level will take place over a weekend and potentially during school holidays and half-terms, where we would require one or two days of support.”

“At Cadet and Junior level, all CAD and JNR European Cups are usually followed by a three-day training camp. A commitment to these events would require a maximum 6 days of support, usually travelling out on a Friday and returning back to the UK the following Wednesday. We will work with the identified Coaches to plan their support programme in collaboration with the ENG and GB Coaching Team.”

“We know that time is the most invaluable commodity to everyone, so we will plan the Elite Coach Development workshops to coincide with ENG Squad camps to maximise everyone’s time and not take up free weekends that would normally be reserved for family time.”

“We are very much looking forward to welcoming the GB HN Support Coaches to the National Training Centre and launching the programme on the 27 November.”

To support the coaches that are successful in their application, we will be working with Dennis Edwards and Andrew Cruickshank to provide appropriate development.

Dennis Edwards, Performance Impact, works across multiple sports as a Performance consultant to World Class Performance Programmes. He has worked with British Judo over the last 16 years with Club, Home Nation and  GB Coaches to develop our decision-making within our coaching practise.

Andrew Cruickshank, Greymatters, also working with multiple sports providing Performance Psychology support and consultation. He has worked with British Judo over the last 10 years with fighters, coaches and Performance Leadership Team, to provide support and enhance our environment.

The Elite Coach Development Programme is an exciting opportunity to disseminate the exiting learning we have within the WCPP and create new learning for the future.

For more information about the programme and to submit an application, please click here