Wearing t-shirts / rash guards in competition and replacing damaged or soiled garments procedure

British Judo is pleased to release the next version of the ‘wearing t-shirts/rash guards in competition and replacing damaged or soiled garments procedure’.

The criteria of the garments and the wearing of the garments has not changed, but the changing of the garments where required has been formalised.

British Judo has upgraded the process to include garment changing in private places instead of open in front of others.


  • All genders of all ages in all British events are entitled to wear a t-shirt/rash guard at both the weigh-in and during the contest should they wish to do so.
  • Female categories must wear a t-shirt/rash guard during the contest and open weigh-ins.
  • Any athlete who was assigned female at birth and is in the process of change must wear a t-shirt rash guard for all competitions (irrespective of category entered) and during open weigh-ins until they have successfully gone through gender reassignment.
  • Any athletes competing in male categories (and not referenced above) may choose to wear a t-shirt/rash guard should they wish.
  • All weigh-ins for under-18s are open weigh-ins and the minimum dress for this is a t-shirt/rash guard and judo competition trousers, irrespective of gender.

T-shirt/rash guard criteria

The standard t-shirt/rash guard worn in all categories will be plain white with a round neck collar and have a maximum sleeve length of up to 5cm above the wrist joint.

There will be no advertising on the t-shirt/rash guard of any description other than the standard manufacturer’s label, maximum size of the manufacturer’s label will be 3cm x 15cm and not visible when the jacket is tied in its normal position.

Changing the t-shirt/rash guard/trousers

Should a t-shirt/rash guard or trousers be unsuitable, become damaged or soiled to such a degree that the referee decides it requires changing, an appropriate official of the same category gender will accompany the athlete to the changing room to do so. A parent or designated adult may accompany also if required.

Protocol if players need to change an item of clothing whilst competing (not on the mat-side):

  1. The player is escorted to a private room (u18 with a parent or designated adult if required) by a designated official of category gender.
  2. Designated official goes into the room on their own and checks suitability ensuring there is nothing that could be realistically consumed or of danger to the athlete.
  3. The designated official leaves the room and the player enters to change the applicable garment, the designated official and u18 designated person/parent/carer (if applicable) wait outside.
  4. The player indicates to the designated official when the clothes change is completed by exiting the room where the designated person/parent/carer etc and/or only the designated official are waiting outside.
  5. The player is then escorted back to the mat they are competing on by the designated official.

T-shirt/rash guard weight allowance

Athletes wearing a t-shirt/rash guard during the weigh-in process will be entitled to a 0.1kg weight allowance. This is in addition to the 0.7kg allowance for the trousers/underwear.

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