Want To Find Out More About the Loretta Doyle Judo Foundation?

On the Sunday morning of the British Championships in Sheffield (8th December 2019), the Trustees of the Loretta Doyle Judo Foundation would like to invite all coaches, Club Leaders and individuals interested in working with her new Charity to attend a Workshop Seminar at the English Institute of Sport (EIS), Sheffield, with breakfast provided free of charge, courtesy of the new Charity.

The Foundation Trustees will give a detailed briefing on how Clubs can increase their membership profitably by expanding their horizons delivering Judo to individuals and communities who are too often ignored or excluded from Judo in the erroneous impression that it is unprofitable and costs money.  The opposite is the business model on which Loretta’s new Charity is structured.

The Role of the Foundation is to be a FACILITATOR – focussed on generating funds to pay for experts – the BJA Clubs and Coaches – to implement the programmes delivering Judo to disadvantaged Communities and Individuals.  They will supply these new members to you, without any recruitment required by the Club.  Importantly, the Foundation’s Business Model does not require Clubs and Coaches to volunteer their services and time free of charge – the normal club membership fees will be paid, as will BJA Membership (or National Affiliate), and Gradings, and Judo Suits for participants, and where there is a need for specialist equipment this will be lent to the club.

Too good to be true?  Judge for yourself by attending the Workshop, and the worse that can happen is that you enjoy some free bacon rolls, tea, coffee and fruit juices provided by the Foundation to give your day good kick-start.

Venue: Officials, Referees and Volunteers Lunch Room, EIS Stadium, Sheffield
Date: Sunday 8th December 2019
Time: 8.00-8.30 – Breakfast, Presentation by Trustees Questions, answers, discussion & close