Vince Skillcorn Launches “Winning Fundamentals” Online Course

Do you get frustrated not being able to do certain techniques? Are you coaching and wanting your students to progress quicker? Do you practice another Martial art and want to improve your Judo knowledge? Then Look no further! 

Friend of British Judo, Vince Skillcorn, has recently launched his online “Winning Fundamentals” course aimed to preparing and developing judoka through their basic skills and preparations.

Skillcorn is one of only a handful of Judo coaches in the country to hold an MSc in Advanced Sports Coaching Practice, along with being a BJA Level 5 Coach,  UKCC Level 4 Coach and British Judo 3rd Dan.

Winning Fundamentals‘ is a complete guide to developing your Judo! With over 26 instructional videos this course has been developed from 10 years worth of on the mat coaching knowledge. Addressing key issues and common mistakes which will give any Judoka an edge on their Judo development.

This course is perfect for anyone starting out on their Judo journey, all the way through to an experienced coach who wants to recap on some of the key ‘winning’ principles.

Welsh Judo CEO Darren Warner was full of compliments for the course after viewing it recently.

“I really enjoyed watching this. Firstly, whilst it is great to see a former GB international sharing his knowledge, it’s clear that Vince has spent many hours coaching.

He shows a great understanding of the WHY not just the WHAT, in well structured lessons that progress seamlessly onto the next. 

Well done Vince, a great contribution to the online judo community.”

Winning Fundamentals‘ will give you the chance to accelerate your learning and Judo development. It will help you understand why things are not working as you think they should and allow you to progress to the next level.

For just a one-off £30.00, it’s ideal for coaches and aspiring Judoka alike.

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