Updates to the grading syllabuses 2013

The British Judo Association has introduced a series of updates to the grading system in a bid to boost participation and to raise technical standards.

Back in March, as part of its strategic plan, the Board selected a Grading Review Panel to assess all grading processes from novice to 10th Dan.

Following consultation with areas via their Director of Examiners and taking into account feedback collated throughout the year, proposals were accepted by the board.

These can be found on the BJA website.


Fees have had to increase in order to rising costs of grading registration, personalised certificates, belts, postage and this includes rebates paid directly to each area monthly.

Mon and Kyu Gradings.

Techniques will remain the same for 0-12th Mon and novice to third Kyu.

More information and directions have been added to the syllabus to provide increased clarity for the coach and judoka.

For the higher grades the recent IJF competition illegal techniques have been removed and the remaining techniques have been re-distributed amongst these grades.

Also for all grades, a recommended randori and competition pathway has been added in line with the new competition structure. Fast tracking for over 12 year olds will be flexible.

Technical Dan Grades

The section 10 kokusai has been reduced to reflect IJF rulings and the combination and counters have been improved to reflect current judo situations.

Competitive Dan Grades The old theory exam has been renamed “competitive skills exam” to reflect the true nature of the exam. There have been similar changes to the Dan exam as for the technical exam and as for Mon/Kyu promotions.

In addition, pathways have been formalised for special needs international judoka and also heavyweight and lightweight judoka that find it difficult to get suitable opponents for promotion contests.

A promotion process previously approved by the Board, for recognising the contribution and experience of judoka over the age of 70 that have contributed a lifetime of judo has been published. For promotion to 6th Dan and above, there is now an application procedure.

Coming up

Judoka under the age of eight will have a complete revised package of activity.

This will include grading pathways that are currently in development.

The team is in the final stages of introducing an improved Dan Grade certificate

We will update you on all these in due course.