Last weekend saw a great turnout for the Level Two coaching course at SKK Judo Club, with some excellent comment’s regarding the session and how beneficial it was to all those who participated.

The course was tutored by Dermot Heslop and Kerry Tansey who received high praise for their effective delivery of the course.

Participants had a variety of reasons for attending, some individuals just wanted to give something back to their club, other’s wanting to progress from BJA Level One to UKCC Level Two, while others took part to remain competent and current in their techniques while learning the best way to teach them to all levels of Judoka. Lastly, a lot of the course participants wanted to pursue a career in coaching Judo.

Dan Powell was an excellent role Model and has ambitions to support British Judo to recruit and support VI players and others in the local community wanting to give something back to the sport.

Dan Hankinson of Annes Keidokwai Judo Club said: “My highlight of the course was the exercise that taught us about different learning styles. This involved us being split up into pairs where we had to describe a technique and then guess the name of what the technique was. A brilliant exercise that helps you learn whether you (or your players) are auditory, visual or kinaesthetic learners. This is an exercise I will certainly be bringing back to my club”

“The course and its tutors (Kerry and Dermot) were absolutely fantastic and encouraged interaction throughout. It is Because of their teaching style and the way, the course was laid out, everybody contributed something to the weekend, and I’m sure left excited for the next stage”

Azar’s overall thoughts included: “The course is very concise and the same time enjoyable. Great delivery by Dermot and Kerry”

Andrew Billingsley of L21 Judo Club said: “I attended the course as I wanted to progress my coaching skills. My highlight was learning new games which I can utilise when I am coaching. I thought the course was very well run with excellent instruction”

Lastly, Dave Aston from Drake Judo said he is looking forward to phase 2 in a few weeks’ time, we asked Dave what his favourite moment / highlight of the course was, he said: “I particularly enjoy working with other Judoka to gain ideas and approaches I can use in my own delivery; I learned so much in the 2 days from the others which I have already incorporated in my sessions since”

Kerry and Dermot would like to thank everyone who attended the session, and we look forward to seeing people back for phase two of the course