Deadline for UKCC Level 4 Coaching Qualification Applications Extended

BJA Level 3 coaches (or coaches with relevant experience) who are committed to their personal development and the development of their players may apply for a place on our next MSc Advanced Sports Coaching Practice commencing September 2019.

This course is open to judo coaches who are currently working with players on the performance pathway or players with competitive aspirations.

The course, delivered by Sheffield Hallam University, is performance focused and only coaches who have shown a genuine interest in coaching performance and aspiring players or are aspiring to work at this level will be considered. Although this course is primarily aimed at British Judo coaches, judo coaches from other countries and coaches from combat and other sports are welcome to apply.

Quality coaches are an important factor in any sporting organisation, especially around planning, player development and competitive preparation for success. They are often under increased pressure from their organisation and partnerships as they move up the coaching ladder.

The Master in Sports Coaching, which will lead to the UKCC Level 4 Award (UKCC Level 4 endorsement pending) and the BJA Levels 4 and 5 (for BJA coaches) will equip coaches with the necessary tools to deal with these pressures, achieve at the highest level within their area and provide the innovation to move the organisation forward.

Coupled with mentoring support, the course will also provide the most up to date information in performance coaching, applied sports science research (e.g. physiology, psychology, biomechanics; nutrition and weight management) and access to in-house experts in many sports science disciplines.

The course programme is delivered part time over a two-year period and is modular based. Each year these modules will be delivered in three blocks – each block two and half days. There is the option of doing a further year and completing a Masters Degree.

We designed this course to continue specialist studies at master’s level for students who already possess a degree in any subject. You may also have an appropriate combination of other subject specific qualifications and/or relevant practical experience.

Normally you need the following:

  • a degree a level lower than first degree coupled with relevant practical experience
  • a proven track record at Performance/High Performance level in judo

The course leader interviews applicants with non-standard qualifications.

Sports Specific:

  • Open to coaches 21 years old or above on the course start date
  • 1st Dan or above
  • Normally you will require to be a NGB BJA Level 3 Coach Award
  • Coaches must hold a current British Judo Association Membership (should be kept in date)
  • Coaches are required to have a minimum 3 years’ experience of coaching at performance level.

For detailed information about the course, please download the following document: UKCC Level 4 Qualification Information Booklet 2019

Forward your completed official Sheffield Hallam University Application Form (downloadable here) to:
Joyce Heron, Education & Training Manager, British Judo Association, Floor 1, Kudhail House, 238 Birmingham Road, Great Barr, Birmingham, B43 7AH
Mobile: 07967 773 813

Applications direct to British Judo Association by Sunday 14 July 2019

Successful applications will be informed by email.

For any further information or questions, you can contact Joyce Heron at the above email address.