Transgender Inclusion Policy

The British Judo Association has adopted a policy on transgender competitors for two reasons: firstly, in order to ensure equal and fair competition in Judo; and secondly, to ensure the safety at all times of all competitors whilst still remaining a welcoming, inclusive sport to all genders.

The BJA acknowledges that the science, and the legal framework, in this field is developing all the time. There are inherent difficulties in reconciling both inclusion and safety within Judo and that the inclusion of transgender athletes, as in many sports, is not straight forward. However, the BJA is not in a position to wait until such time as all the facts are in before creating a policy. As such, this Policy will be kept under regular review and is subject to change as such developments emerge.

View British Judo Transgender Eligibility and Participation Policy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Clubs & Coaches: Supporting Trans-Gendered Members in your club

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