Training in the Heat

As the mercury rises and temperatures across parts of the UK look set to be the hottest ever recorded, there are several things our members and wider community should consider in order to stay safe before, during and after judo sessions.

Judo, an indoor sport, is not often affected by adverse weather, but the nature of the sport and the kit required, means that extra precautions need to be taken during hot weather.

It is especially important that younger judoka are guided to stay hydrated, as they may not be able to monitor the signs of heat exhaustion and dehydration as easily.

  1. Stay hydrated- take extra water to sessions and make sure it is actually consumed and refilled in the sessions.
  2. Applying cold water to the back of your wrists can help reduce your temperature.
  3. Removing your judogi when not actively training to reduce overheating.
  4. Coaches, adapt sessions to reflect the weather, by changing the session content or reducing the time judoka have to remain in full kit.
  5. Temperatures indoors and outdoors can differ. If your venue is not air-conditioned, the temperature inside may be significantly warmer. It is advised that the coach check the internal temperature and risk assess whether a session should take place.
  6. Add electrolytes to your water, and/or eat high water content foods like watermelon.
  7. Do cool down/stretches like always- you should still warm up and cool down to avoid injury.

Further information on how to cope in the hot weather can be found on the NHS website.

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